Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Do You Need a Wireless Remote Control Key Finder?

It's quite common for people to misplace their valuable items like keys and be in need of a wireless remote control key finder to help them find them again. Just ask yourself this question: "How many times have you lost or misplaced your house or car keys and spent precious time tearing the place up searching for them without success?"

Just how frustrating and stressful does it feel when you know those keys must be somewhere close by but despite your best efforts, their location remains a secret! I'm sure you know the feeling and it is not a nice one. So what can you do?

Buy a Wireless Key Finder Set

Well you obviously want to be able to find lost keys in the house fast, right? You can get these fabulous electronic devices at most hardware stores as well as online from big stores like Amazon, WalMart and Target for example. They don't cost very much to buy yet the value they provide is virtually priceless in terms of helping you find those errant keys and other valuable items.

Things like TV remotes, reading glasses (how many times have you put them down and not been able to see where you put them!), wallets and credit card holders, cell phones etc can all be easily lost and just as easily found again when you have a locator tab attached to them.

The list can actually get pretty long when you live in a house like mine. I mean a place where all kinds of small objects get swallowed up as if by magic by hungry sofas, chairs and occasionally the dog when he's feeling mischievous!

What is the Best Remote Key Locator to Buy?

If you habitually misplace a lot of small items around the place, you would be best advised to buy a set of remote key finders with a lot of receiver tabs. That's so you can attach them to all your precious stuff and find those items again next time they go missing.

There are several good brands available that come with six or more receivers as standard that are perfect for people like me with a habit of losing stuff everyplace and misplacing my keys for instance. You can see some of my recommendations listed in the right column of this page to get some ideas.

Where is the Best Place to Buy These Key Finding Gadgets?

If you have the time and the inclination to go to the mall and hunt around the stores, then really whatever major hardware outlet you have locally will probably have what you need. For many of us and me in particular, that time is not often available, so I get most of my stuff like this online.

My personal favorite choice of store is Amazon. That's not just because they're one of the biggest and easiest to remember, but they do have some good deals on price and their free delivery scheme is perfect for when I need to buy things that I can get together.

If you're wondering how that works, you generally need to spend like $40 or more to get the free delivery option, so I just wait until I need two or more things that add up to more than that amount and order them together to get the free delivery. Neat, huh!

Go on, give it a try for yourself. You'll be pleasantly surprised at just how good that store really is for buying all kinds of things and in particular, these handy key and remote finder devices that is the focus of this blog after all!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How to Find Lost Keys in the House Fast

There is nothing worse than being about to leave the house in a hurry and finding your keys are not where you thought you left them! Panic sets in as you start to search about the place like a crazy person!

You are convinced you left those keys in a certain place and you even keep going right back to it to double check they are definitely not there. You're thinking maybe your eyes were playing tricks on you and they were there all along!

But no matter how hard you stare at that place, there are no tricks being played and those keys are not there! It's so frustrating and stressful that you feel like tearing up the place to find those keys but you don't have time because maybe you need to be someplace important and you're going to be late!

A Horrible Situation Needs and Simple and Fast Solution

Just imagine how relieved you'd be if you had a really simple and fast solution to locating those lost keys. Right there in that situation where you need to leave the house in a hurry, you need your keys in your hand and you'd give anything to be able to lay your hands on them right there in that moment, wouldn't you?

Sure you would!

The simple solution is to have a small electronic key finder or locator device. This is a gadget that you can simply push a button and have your keys call back to you with an audible "beep" that reveals their exact location right there and then!

How Do I Know This?

I also wanted to know how to avoid losing keys all the time. As a person who regularly misplaces keys and things like wallets and TV remotes around the house, I can tell you from long and frustrated experience that the key finding device saved my life!

The first day I got one of these devices and fitted it to my key-ring, I breathed a sigh of relief that could be heard across the street. Later that evening I needed to leave the house and once again my keys were not where I was sure I left them. Only this time I was ready!

I grabbed the credit card sized transmitter, pressed the button and the receiver on the key ring beeped from the sofa. I calmly walked over to the sofa and there on the arm under a magazine were my keys!

I smiled, grabbed the keys and was soon on my way to getting to my meeting on time.

I'm no expert, but I can tell you that if a clumsy, forgetful air-head like me can benefit from this kind of gadget, anyone can!

The Benefits of a Compact Key Locator Device

The obvious major benefit to me, you and anyone who has ever misplaced their keys in their home before is the ability to locate them instantly at the touch of a button. But just look at the spin-off benefits of owning one of these gadgets:

  • No more stressful, frustration at not knowing where your keys are when you need them in a hurry
  • No more panic at the prospect of being late for an important meeting because you can't find your keys
  • No more tearing up the house trying to find keys that have suddenly attained the ability to become invisible
  • No more feeling like an idiot or doubting your sanity over missing items
  • Peace of mind

What Do Owners of These Devices Say About Them?

While I don't want to go and copy a bunch of customer feedback comments from real people like me and you that used to lose keys all the time but now have the means to find them right away every time, I will add a few short phrases so you get the idea. Later in the article, I will show you where you can get this kind of device for yourself and read all the customer reviews you want if you feel you need to.

Here are just a few of the things people said:

  • "I was so happy when my misplaced keys told me where they were hiding…"
  • "I got a pleasant surprise when the device came with four receivers to fit onto different key rings…"
  • "What an amazing yet simple problem solver…"
Of course, this kind of device is not just for finding keys. It's also great for locating misplaced TV remote controls and lost wallets, purses, credit card holders and anything else valuable you use often.

Where's the Best Place to Buy a Key Finder Online?

Without beating around the bush, the best place to buy the top electronic key finders online is none other than our favorite store, Amazon! I recommend Amazon for a number of reasons:

  1. Great reputation and one of the most trusted online stores
  2. Easy to use and find exactly what you need
  3. They generally offer the best prices
  4. Free delivery on items certain conditions
  5. No quibble money back guarantee

I want to direct your attention to the top five best key finders listed in the right column above. Each item has its own dedicated link to its sales page at Amazon where you can get the latest discounted price on the item while also having access to loads of customer reviews, product details and other useful information.

Simply click on the link to the key finder that most appeals to you to visit the appropriate page at Amazon. If you want to compare the different gadgets, no problem as Amazon already lists similar products on the page so you can see them all at a glance.

Or simply click the link below that will open a page with the full list of the current most popular key finder gadgets at the Amazon store:

For visitors from the UK, here is a link to the corresponding page at

Click your mouse on that link to see all the most popular key finders on sale right now at Amazon and don't be caught out by misplaced keys again!

PS: The availability of certain items may be limited, so I would advise you to check the item now to make sure it is in stock and available at the best price

PPS: Don't wait until tomorrow. You might misplace your keys in the morning and feel like kicking yourself for not taking action right now and ordering yourself one of these awesomely effective gadgets!

Monday, September 23, 2013

How to Find a Lost Wallet

When you lose your wallet it's a serious problem but if you misplaced it in the home, you can find it again real easy with a lost key finder gadget. Here's how!

The first thing you need to know is that this simple method presupposes you already have a suitable electronic key locator device and that you already attached one of the small receivers to your wallet. What? You didn't already do that? Aw man!

Finding a Misplaced Wallet the Hard Way

All is not lost, at least only your wallet is and that's someplace inside the four walls of your home, right? So if something can be misplaced (as opposed to well and truly lost) it can be found again by a systematic search of each room.

Start with the most likely room it would have been left in first. Duh. You know where you usually put your wallet down when you come home, so start there and fan out. Check the usual suspects like down the back of the sofa or your favorite chair, under cushions on the sofa and chairs and then under the furniture.

I know if I lose stuff, one of the common places I find them again is under the sofa, like I dropped it and it rolled under there somehow. If you have a dog, check his basket cause dogs like to chew leather stuff (like wallets) like they're toys and they often stash their toys in their basket or someplace you probably know, like a box of dog toys.

Check through drawers in furniture in case it got put away by someone else by mistake. It can happen!

Find a Lost Wallet Easily

Well you can go searching for your missing wallet the hard way if you want. Or you can choose to find it the easy way. I think most folks will like the sound of this much better!

The easy way is of course to have your wallet "tagged" with one of the small, receiving units from your electronic key locator gadget. If you don't already own one, you might want to consider electing to buy a key locator device so that you can save yourself a whole heap of trouble down the line!

These great little devices generally come with four or more receiver units that can be operated from a single credit card sized "sender" meaning you can protect your keys from getting lost, TV remote and your wallet if you wish. The receivers are pretty small on modern units so one can easily be attached to your wallet so that if you ever misplace it around the house again, you can find it again in an instant at the press of a button!

Just listen for the audible "beep" and that will lead you straight to its location. That's pretty easy, right? Right!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Honey I Lost the Keys While On Vacation

Every now and then we get ourselves into a stupid situation that should be really easy to get ourselves out of, but things just happen to compound the situation so it ends up way bigger than it should have been when it started out. That's pretty much how it went one time when I managed to lose our keys while on vacation with the family. I'll tell you about it.

Last year we decided that we'd go down to Cancun in Mexico for a nice relaxing week-long vacation by the sea. Just relaxing on the beach, relaxing in our apartment and relaxing by the pool were the three main rules of the week. Sounds idyllic, doesn't it?

The Vacation

Well, everything was going fine until three days into the vacation when I decided to take the rental car for a drive around the place to, you know take in some sights that did not include a beach, some sea and not much else! Yeah, you guessed it, I already broke my own rules, cause sitting around relaxing all day can get awful boring!

Well we all got in the car and we set off in search of some adventure. Things were fine and we drove around for an hour or so, but soon the kids wanted to get back to the beach. So we started to head back but on the way found a cute little restaurant by the side of the road and could not pass up the chance to check it out and practice our Spanish in a real Mexican place away from the resort where everyone just spoke English to us.

The kids agreed with this decision, by the way. That was mainly because they needed the bathroom and were feeling hungry anyway. So in we went and had a great lunch and really enjoyed ourselves. Well it came time to pick up the check and leave, but when we got outside I realized I didn't have the keys to the car!

The Car Keys Had Disappeared!

Oh no! Like my serious key losing problem had followed me all the way to my vacation. I thought it was just an at-home-stress thing with me. Seems not!

No problem I thought. After all where could they have gone between the car and the table I sat at in the restaurant?

I went back inside and asked the waiter to check our table to see if I'd left the keys on there. He went and took a look, then came back and said there were no keys on there. The table had not been cleared even, so it wasn't as if someone had picked them up by mistake!

By this time my wife and kids had followed me inside, knowing only too well it seemed that retrieving keys was not ever going to be a simple affair for me. Me and the kids looked under the table and chairs, but no keys there!

Wife to the Rescue

My wife just stood there with a half smile on her face that said she knew something I didn't know. I stood up wondering what she was secretly hiding when she pulled the electronic key finder transmitter out of her handbag and pressed one of the buttons.

The reassuringly familiar audible beep sounded from the back of the small restaurant, coming from the bathroom. I went into the bathroom and to my surprise; there were the car keys on top of the wash basin exactly where I had put them down when I came in here to wash my hands!

You just know I had forgotten doing that!

It seems my wife had already anticipated the very real chance that I mislaid the car keys, so she had slipped a spare key finder receiver onto the key ring before we set out. That's just like her to think of something important that I certainly would not have!

We were able to enjoy the rest of our vacation without further incident, by the way!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Lost Keys Burial by Dog Incident

Not all dog owners lose their keys and not all lost keys are swiped by the family pet. In this eerie crime episode, the dastardly thief was the dog!

First of all, let's get one thing straight. I lose my keys pretty frequently for one reason or another. Most of the time, they're not really lost, just misplaced. But once in a while, there is a great mystery that shrouds the missing items such as this, when all the evidence pointed to the furry, four legged canine mastermind himself!

Where Are My Keys?

It's a mantra that my family are doubtlessly tired of hearing emanating from my vocal chords, "Where are my keys now?" It happens every time (and I do mean every time) I go to pick them up off the side where I know for a fact I left them the evening before and they are just not there!

This is usually followed by the frustrating treasure hunt around the room, looking beneath the sofa, chairs, coffee table and other furniture. If that initial search comes up empty, it's time to dive down the back of the sofa, chairs, under rugs and then into drawers, the bookshelf, top of the TV, top of the DVD player and on it goes.

You get the picture.

There is a Thief Among You

So one Saturday morning, I was due to go meet the guys for an early round of golf when the dastardly deed was done and a thorough investigation was soon underway. The usual searches came up empty.

Grilling the kids resulted in "I hate you" and "I'm running away from home" type comments, so I didn't push my luck. My wife was wearing a dead pan face and I knew I shouldn't press that avenue very far.

So, no keys in the room, unlikely they are anyplace else in the house and time was getting short before I had to meet the guys. I looked down at the dog for sympathy but I could have sworn he was grinning back at me.

Canine Caper

"Wait a minute. Did you just grin at me, you sneaky hound?" Shaking his head as if in denial of the fact, the dog got up from his spot on the floor and started toward the backdoor.

I dumbly followed, expecting some kind of enlightenment. Out into the back yard he padded, headed for the old tree at the end, cocked his leg and irrigated it as he liked to do. Then he headed for a bare patch of earth that looked suspiciously like it had recently been dug over. I got a little closer so I could get a better look.

Indeed. That patch of ground had been roughly dug at by clumsy paws and not a garden spade or fork. I got closer and then grabbed the small gardening trowel from the edge of the flowerbed along the way.

Elementary My Dear Watson

Whether it was the dog's guilty face or my own intuition working in overdrive, I just knew what I'd find in that patch. I dug down lightly with the trowel and there they were! Laying in a shallow grave, the evidence had been concealed by my devious mutt.

The mystery was solved and the stolen property was retrieved. Somewhat worse for wear thanks to its unceremonious impromptu burial, but my keys were found and I was glad to have them back.

Why had he done that? Not to drive me nuts, it seemed, but to hide from me the fact that he had chewed the leather key fob into a mushy mess and he didn't want me to see it!

Crazy, but true!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Parking Lot Lost Keys Incident

If you've ever gone shopping at a big out of town mall and parked your car in the huge parking lot and had to try and find it again later, you'll know how frustrating that can be. But what if you reached for your car keys and they weren't in your pocket, or wherever else your were expecting them to be?

Melt-down time! I can say this because it happened to me a few weeks ago and it sure wasn't pretty!

Where Are My Car Keys?

I took the family to the mall, the name of which I will withhold to protect the innocent, to spend a leisurely Saturday afternoon doing what no guy likes to do but does because he wants to make his wife happy. Right guys?

After all, who wants to sit in a stuffy house on a sofa watching a big game eating snacks and drinking beer with his buddies? (Insert sarcasm smilie icon here).

Anyhow, after a gruelling four hours wandering around store after store, we headed back to the car. But for some weird reason, I could not for the life of me remember where I'd parked it. Could not possible have had anything to do with the brain sapping mentally exhausting experience I had just been through, or course!

No problem, I thought. I'll just whip out the keyring and press the button and the car will beep, its lights will flash as it unlocks itself and I will see where it is!


I reached into my pocket and my hand met not that comforting ring of metal with its precious cargo attached, but with some loose change and a paper clip! Where the paper clip came from is anybody's guess.

Time to Panic

So I was just standing here with my mouth hanging open looking like that country bumpkin guy in the Simpsons fishing in my other pockets for keys that were not there or anywhere else about my person, for that matter. The feeling was one of creeping chilling coldness spreading from my feet right up to the top of my head.

Oh. My. Goodness!

The wave of panic that set in was truly awesome! I was rooted to the spot unable to utter a single word, quite red in the face and looking like I was about to keel over with a massive coronary.

My wife on the other hand was cool as a cucumber. She just reached into her purse where she kept all her important stuff, pulled out the little key finder gadget that she was looking after in case I lost it (now that couldn't possibly happen, right?), pressed the button and from somewhere inside one of the grocery bags she had just put down on the ground there was a sharp beeping sound.

Time to Relax

At first, I couldn't understand what was happening. My panic level was still rising and the proverbial mercury had risen so high it was about to burst out of the proverbial glass tube.

My wife just calmly bend down, reached into the bag, pulled out my car keys and with the sweetest smile, handed them to me, adding a knowing wink. I took them with my right hand, looked down at them like they were a precious diamond ring and as the realization set in I let out a whoosh of air and started breathing again.

Well what do you make of that?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I'm Always Misplacing My Keys!

If you're like me and always misplacing your keys, I have a solution that makes finding them again a breeze. An electronic key finder gadget beeps and hey presto, they're found!

So what was life like before I got this useful and potentially life saving gadget? I can tell you. It wasn't much fun, especially when I needed to go out in a hurry and those pesky keys were nowhere to be found!

Keys with a Mind of Their Own!

It was like that bunch of keys had a mind of their own and deliberately moved themselves so they could hide under cushions, down the back of the sofa (on a number of occasions), under the sofa and even in the dog's basket. Although the dog swears he never touched them!

On that key ring were my house key, car key, key to my office (I needed to lock it to keep nosey colleagues out of there) and key to the yard. Four keys that were each highly important for me to be able to function on a day to day basis.

The Mystery of the Vanishing Shiny Things

When I got home in the evening, I swear I always put them down on the side cabinet in my living room. Other members of my family say they never touch those keys, especially since they know they are always disappearing and how much it frustrates me.

Yet an hour or so after I get home and I need to get in the car to drive to the store for something, they keys have mysteriously vanished. Or if I stay indoors all evening, they don't move and are still where I left them as I go to bed. But in the morning just before I need to go to work, I go to grab them off the side and "Shazam!" they're gone!

Can you imagine the panic that sets in when a person needs to leave for their job and they can't leave without their keys? It means wasting valuable time searching for them which invariably leads to being late for work. Not good!

The Solution in a Beep

So I got given a cool remote key locator credit size transmitter with four buttons to operate four receivers that can be attached to things that mysteriously go missing, such as TV remotes, wallets and yes, you guessed it, keys! Yay! The end of lost keys!

The transformation of my frayed mental state was almost immediate.

Almost on cue, that first evening I needed to go to the store to get some beer and snacks to watch the game on TV, I reached for the keys on the side and they were gone. I almost got mad, but remembered the gadget, took it from my pocket, flipped the switch and a beep sounded out from underneath the sofa.

Got ya!

Panic averted, beer and snacks were purchased and safely transported home just in time for the big game. Life is good again!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Looking to Buy a Car Key Finder that Works?

Are you forever misplacing your car keys and are looking to buy a good wireless remote key finder to help you find them? Act now! Read this: Discover exactly what you need!

This site has been put together for the main purpose of helping you to find the right tool for the job at hand. In your case (assuming that's why you're reading this), that is to make sure you buy the right key locator gadget for your needs. So please read on.

Why Do keys Go Missing at All?

Not everyone loses keys through some kind of memory lapse or forgetfulness when it comes to putting keys down in certain places. Sometimes the reason keys go missing is simply a case of gravity lending a helping hand.

Maybe you put them down on the arm of the sofa and they slid down behind some cushions or fell off and went under the sofa where you can't see them. Or you put them somewhere and someone else moved them to a "safe place". Except you don't know where that "safe place" happens to be!

So it's often not even your fault they keys got misplaced. The problem is you can find yourself going crazy because they are not where you remember leaving them. The stress and frustration of searching for them can drive you insane!

No More Lost Keys!

Just imagine how liberating it feels to never again be stressed out because you can't find where you put your keys down last and you need them right now! With the click of a button your keys will tell you exactly where they are!

With the latest lost key finders, it doesn't matter if your keys ended up under the sofa, of buried beneath the dog's bed or even inexplicably got buried in among the rose bushes (that darn dog again!). These devices are capable of sending and receiving a wireless signal through solid objects so if the keys are in the next room or even in the back yard, the receiver will beep when you press the button on the transmitter!

Protect More Than One Set of Keys

Many key finder packages come with a neat, compact transmitter and four or more receivers that you can attach to key rings, TV remotes, wallets or in fact anything that you often misplace and need to find without the hassle of doing a house-wide search. Each receiver has its own dedicated "send" button on the transmitter, so you can locate any one of the designated items if they get lost at any time.

Is this not a marvelous, clever and useful invention or what!

If you are interested to know more and to discover what we consider to be the top five best remote key finder gadgets that you can buy online, then click that link to read the corresponding article. You might just find exactly what you've been looking for!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What is the Best Remote Key Finder on Sale?

Do you want to know what is the best electronic remote key finder device on sale right now? Sure you do! Well here is your answer and some reasons why this is it!

But first of all, let's take a look at some of the factors that go into making some key and remote locators better than others and why people really love having them to hand.

What Makes the Best Key Finder?

There are several criteria that go into making one of these products better than others. Some of them are hard and fast facts, while others are personal preferences, but in the end there is no getting away from the simple fact that most people prefer one kind of device over others.

Here are some of those factors brought together in a convenient list to bring you an at-a-glance look at what they are:

  • Reliable and able to find keys lost in difficult to find places
  • Long range transmitter finds lost keys further away from the searcher
  • Good battery life
  • Compact and ergonomically practical
  • Favorably priced to represent great value for money

What are the Top 5 Best Remote Key Finder Contenders?

Now that you know what the main points of importance that go into making a great product into a "best" product, let's take a look at a short list of probably contenders for that coveted number one spot in the list. There are several really good devices that are available right now, but some of them miss the list either because they are too expensive or don't have the reliability and robustness that customers need, or some other factor prevents them reaching our list.

  1. Find My Keys by "Where's the Remote"
  2. Click n Dig! Keyfinder (6 remotes)
  3. Key Finder by "Where's the Remote"
  4. Click n Dig! Keyfinder (4 remotes)
  5. Ivation Wireless RF Item Locator/Hey Finder

So which of these is the best? You know something, I have trouble deciding as they're all pretty darn good at what they do. If you want to go by customer reviews at Amazon, then the clear winner has to be the product at the top of our list:

FIND MY KEYS by "Where the Remote?"

Check the list out and whichever one speaks to you, click the box to get the full details from Amazon where you can buy the product. Of course, you don't have to buy it if you don't want to!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Where's the Remote: Key and Remote Finder Review

People who are always losing keys and other items can read this and discover a simple and effective solution to finding them again fast and easily. Here is an electronic remote key finder that is totally easy to use and will find your keys and other often misplaced items whenever you need it.

The best part is the price because this gadget comes with a very affordable price ticket that you will not be able to resist!

Amazing Key Locator

So what is this miracle gadget for finding those misplaced keys around the house, garden or garage? So what is this miracle gadget for finding those misplaced keys around the house, garden or garage?

It's a simple compact signal transmitter that comes with four receivers that are small enough to be unobtrusive yet powerful enough to have a long receiving range. You can place the receivers on all kinds of things that you're prone to losing (or misplacing), such as key rings, cell phones, TV remotes and even the cat's collar if you want!

Never lose your important stuff like keys again!

If you lose your TV remote, your car or house keys, cell phone, or even your pets... or any other item for that matter, just push the button on the hand held transmitter and as if by magic, the corresponding colored receiver will start to beep! The signal can pass through solid objects like furniture, drawers, cushions and even walls!

Where Can I Buy the Remote Key Finder?

You're going to kick yourself when I show you where the best place to order one online just happens to be! It is so simple to order, pay and get one of these gadgets delivered to your home really fast when you buy it from Amazon!

Don't want to bother searching through their huge site for the one I'm reviewing here? No problem: Here is a link that will take you direct to the item's page on their site:

What more do you need to know? There are some great customer reviews on the site that you can check through just to see for yourself that most buyers of this item were totally satisfied with their purchase. And you will be too!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How to Avoid Losing Your Keys

No one likes losing their keys, but what if you had a foolproof way of NOT losing them anymore? Would that be totally cool!

I thought so too, which is why I decided to share some of the ways I make sure I don't lose my keys around the house, or anywhere else for that matter.

Always Know Where Keys Are In the Home

It may sound pretty obvious, but if there is one foolproof way I've managed to NEVER lose my house or car keys in my home (and that's in 30 years) it is this:

I always, always, always put them in the same place when I come in through the front door. I have a small shelf near with two key hooks I put them on and I never put them down anyplace else, no matter what.

That shelf is close enough to the door so I can't forget, but far enough away so someone can't just reach in and grab them through the mail slot and it can't be seen through the small glass panel in the door. It has worked for me all this time and I can't see it failing anytime soon.

What If..?

I can hear folks thinking: what if the phone is ringing when you come in, or what if something needs your urgent attention that would make you forget to put your keys on the hooks?

Let me tell you, its all down to a little bit of personal discipline. Sure, there have been times when I got home and the phone was ringing. Is a ringing phone more important to me than anything else? No it is not.

The phone was invented so someone can invade my space and speak to me whether I want to or not. The phone does not rule me. I don't drop everything to answer it if it rings. If its real important, whoever can ring back!

I have come home to screaming kids, a screaming wife that this or that appliance is broken, or this or that emergency is happening, but I always stay calm, put my keys on the hook and then deal with the situation. It works for me.

Losing Keys Outdoors

Outdoors is a different ballgame when it comes to keeping or losing keys. Like most people, I keep my keys in my pocket, be it a jacket in cooler weather or in a front pocket in my pants (or shorts) in warmer weather.

When I stop someplace for lunch or a drink, one thing I don't do is put my keys on a table or on the bar, like I see a lot of folks do. Plenty of times I've been in a restaurant and seen someone dashing in red faced and asking the waiter if anyone found some keys they left on a table!

Thing is, when you're out of the house, you don't have the luxury of a certain static place where you can always put them. So they either stay with you in a pocket or handbag for relative safety or they get placed somewhere close to you where you can easily get up and leave, forgetting to pick them up when you go.

I don't have all the answers to keeping your keys safe when you're out and about, but I can offer this advice to minimize the risk of leaving them someplace: Keep them on your person at all times!

One last point that comes up occasionally: What if you get robbed in the street and your keys are in your bag or the thief gets your carkeys? Sorry, that's something you can't possibly totally guard against, so I have no answer for you!

Except maybe the last piece of advice in this article... read on if you want to know what that is!

What If I'm Not Like You?

If everyone was like me, this would be a pretty boring world! I reckon most people are nothing like me and few would even want to employ that little piece of discipline in their lives to make sure they always know where their keys are.

So what else can you do to make sure you don't lose, or more correctly "misplace" your keys in your home?

One of the easiest ways is to have an electronic key locator on your keyring. Then if you put them down someplace and forget where, you can simply find them again at the touch of a button!

Better still, if you're outdoors and you havethe latest gadget that links to GPS, then you can locate them even if they're nowhere close, such as leaving them in a restaurant or even if a thief takes them. In fact, it could be useful to let the police know that last snippet of information as it might help then catch the thief red handed!

How cool is that!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What Defines the Best Electronic Key Finder

If you're someone who is constantly forgetting where you left your keys, an electronic key finder device could be the solution to your problem.

Finding lost keys can be a frustrating experience when you go searching all over the house without discovering their whereabouts. So for frustrated key searchers everywhere, here is a primer on how useful this simple yet effective device can be and what defines the best of the bunch.

What is an Electronic Key Finder?

First of all, it's probably a good idea to explain just exactly what one of these devices actually is, what it does and how it does it!

A key locator is simply a device that allows a lost key (or set of keys) to be located using a key fob sound emitter that is triggered by a remote electronic signal sent by the hand held transmitter. 

Let's first look at how these devices have evolved from their early beginnings.

Early Models

In the first generation of key locators, the technology was fairly simple with am electronic circuit that responded to a certain sound such as a person clapping or whistling, and then emitting a beep to announce its location. These were prone to problems where it wasn't always easy to discern what the trigger sound was.

False triggering rendered these devices inefficient. Because of this, their reliability was called into question and they were soon abandoned.

Next Generation Models

The next series of locators to hit the market were designed to do away with the problems of false triggering while improving battery life. These devices used radio transmission to find then when they became lost.

A small receiver is fitted to the key fob and listens out for a signal from the hand held transmitter, which is a credit card sized device that is carried separately. They work well but have a finite battery life, meaning that if batteries are not replaced frequently, keys can still get lost and not be found!

Latest generation Models

This latest design is an advance in how the keys can be located using remote devices such as mobile (cell) phones. The receiver device with the keys can now act as a two way station that can receive a finder transmission and respond with an alarm, while also being able to act as a transmitter to locate a lost wallet or cell phone!

With much more powerful signal capability, keys can be located further away from the transmitter and even if they are buried, they can be found.  


So it naturally follows that best kind of key finding device uses the latest technology and hardware to overcome the problems that beset earlier designs, while remaining affordable, portable and easy to use.

In later articles we'll look at individual models and review them for effectiveness, user friendliness, value for money and several other factors that are important to know about.

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