Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I'm Always Misplacing My Keys!

If you're like me and always misplacing your keys, I have a solution that makes finding them again a breeze. An electronic key finder gadget beeps and hey presto, they're found!

So what was life like before I got this useful and potentially life saving gadget? I can tell you. It wasn't much fun, especially when I needed to go out in a hurry and those pesky keys were nowhere to be found!

Keys with a Mind of Their Own!

It was like that bunch of keys had a mind of their own and deliberately moved themselves so they could hide under cushions, down the back of the sofa (on a number of occasions), under the sofa and even in the dog's basket. Although the dog swears he never touched them!

On that key ring were my house key, car key, key to my office (I needed to lock it to keep nosey colleagues out of there) and key to the yard. Four keys that were each highly important for me to be able to function on a day to day basis.

The Mystery of the Vanishing Shiny Things

When I got home in the evening, I swear I always put them down on the side cabinet in my living room. Other members of my family say they never touch those keys, especially since they know they are always disappearing and how much it frustrates me.

Yet an hour or so after I get home and I need to get in the car to drive to the store for something, they keys have mysteriously vanished. Or if I stay indoors all evening, they don't move and are still where I left them as I go to bed. But in the morning just before I need to go to work, I go to grab them off the side and "Shazam!" they're gone!

Can you imagine the panic that sets in when a person needs to leave for their job and they can't leave without their keys? It means wasting valuable time searching for them which invariably leads to being late for work. Not good!

The Solution in a Beep

So I got given a cool remote key locator credit size transmitter with four buttons to operate four receivers that can be attached to things that mysteriously go missing, such as TV remotes, wallets and yes, you guessed it, keys! Yay! The end of lost keys!

The transformation of my frayed mental state was almost immediate.

Almost on cue, that first evening I needed to go to the store to get some beer and snacks to watch the game on TV, I reached for the keys on the side and they were gone. I almost got mad, but remembered the gadget, took it from my pocket, flipped the switch and a beep sounded out from underneath the sofa.

Got ya!

Panic averted, beer and snacks were purchased and safely transported home just in time for the big game. Life is good again!

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