Monday, August 12, 2013

Where's the Remote: Key and Remote Finder Review

People who are always losing keys and other items can read this and discover a simple and effective solution to finding them again fast and easily. Here is an electronic remote key finder that is totally easy to use and will find your keys and other often misplaced items whenever you need it.

The best part is the price because this gadget comes with a very affordable price ticket that you will not be able to resist!

Amazing Key Locator

So what is this miracle gadget for finding those misplaced keys around the house, garden or garage? So what is this miracle gadget for finding those misplaced keys around the house, garden or garage?

It's a simple compact signal transmitter that comes with four receivers that are small enough to be unobtrusive yet powerful enough to have a long receiving range. You can place the receivers on all kinds of things that you're prone to losing (or misplacing), such as key rings, cell phones, TV remotes and even the cat's collar if you want!

Never lose your important stuff like keys again!

If you lose your TV remote, your car or house keys, cell phone, or even your pets... or any other item for that matter, just push the button on the hand held transmitter and as if by magic, the corresponding colored receiver will start to beep! The signal can pass through solid objects like furniture, drawers, cushions and even walls!

Where Can I Buy the Remote Key Finder?

You're going to kick yourself when I show you where the best place to order one online just happens to be! It is so simple to order, pay and get one of these gadgets delivered to your home really fast when you buy it from Amazon!

Don't want to bother searching through their huge site for the one I'm reviewing here? No problem: Here is a link that will take you direct to the item's page on their site:

What more do you need to know? There are some great customer reviews on the site that you can check through just to see for yourself that most buyers of this item were totally satisfied with their purchase. And you will be too!

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  1. I purchased a set in June of 2013. They came with extra batteries and I bought the four pack. I also have the two pack and the Doggie heart. To this date, the original batteries are still cranking. I love these and I like the seller too. I've put one on my cell phone because I lose it all the time, my Kindle, one in my wallet and one on my key chain. I carry the finder in my purse. I once found my keys in a Marshall's which I had accidentally left on a shelf while looking for something. . You merely hold down the color coordinated button on the remote and you can hear it ringing from a far distance. I found my keys immediately. I've lost my Kindle everywhere and found it as soon as I wanted to. I've lost my phone. I've lost my wallet. I don't have to spend hours looking for this stuff. When I travel, I push all four buttons to ensure I'm leaving with all my important stuff. I've used this to locate these things inside my car. I have a set of a similar item that cost me $75 that is sitting on a shelf in the garage (long ago died). I am in love with these remotes. If anything is wrong the owner immediately tries to remedy the situation and offers you your money back or a replacement. I haven't had to have one replaced. I did contact her because I couldn't get one to work and the fix was so simple it had me slapping my forehead... These are great. I know you will not be dissatisfied with these. I forgot this Christmas, but next Christmas everyone (especially my son, and grandsons) are getting sets of these as stocking stuffers. My only regret is that they don't make them small enough to put on your glasses. If they did, I'd have more sets of these as we lose our glasses all the time. But, I've certainly thought about how they'd look with a remote attached to them. .