Saturday, August 31, 2013

Looking to Buy a Car Key Finder that Works?

Are you forever misplacing your car keys and are looking to buy a good wireless remote key finder to help you find them? Act now! Read this: Discover exactly what you need!

This site has been put together for the main purpose of helping you to find the right tool for the job at hand. In your case (assuming that's why you're reading this), that is to make sure you buy the right key locator gadget for your needs. So please read on.

Why Do keys Go Missing at All?

Not everyone loses keys through some kind of memory lapse or forgetfulness when it comes to putting keys down in certain places. Sometimes the reason keys go missing is simply a case of gravity lending a helping hand.

Maybe you put them down on the arm of the sofa and they slid down behind some cushions or fell off and went under the sofa where you can't see them. Or you put them somewhere and someone else moved them to a "safe place". Except you don't know where that "safe place" happens to be!

So it's often not even your fault they keys got misplaced. The problem is you can find yourself going crazy because they are not where you remember leaving them. The stress and frustration of searching for them can drive you insane!

No More Lost Keys!

Just imagine how liberating it feels to never again be stressed out because you can't find where you put your keys down last and you need them right now! With the click of a button your keys will tell you exactly where they are!

With the latest lost key finders, it doesn't matter if your keys ended up under the sofa, of buried beneath the dog's bed or even inexplicably got buried in among the rose bushes (that darn dog again!). These devices are capable of sending and receiving a wireless signal through solid objects so if the keys are in the next room or even in the back yard, the receiver will beep when you press the button on the transmitter!

Protect More Than One Set of Keys

Many key finder packages come with a neat, compact transmitter and four or more receivers that you can attach to key rings, TV remotes, wallets or in fact anything that you often misplace and need to find without the hassle of doing a house-wide search. Each receiver has its own dedicated "send" button on the transmitter, so you can locate any one of the designated items if they get lost at any time.

Is this not a marvelous, clever and useful invention or what!

If you are interested to know more and to discover what we consider to be the top five best remote key finder gadgets that you can buy online, then click that link to read the corresponding article. You might just find exactly what you've been looking for!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What is the Best Remote Key Finder on Sale?

Do you want to know what is the best electronic remote key finder device on sale right now? Sure you do! Well here is your answer and some reasons why this is it!

But first of all, let's take a look at some of the factors that go into making some key and remote locators better than others and why people really love having them to hand.

What Makes the Best Key Finder?

There are several criteria that go into making one of these products better than others. Some of them are hard and fast facts, while others are personal preferences, but in the end there is no getting away from the simple fact that most people prefer one kind of device over others.

Here are some of those factors brought together in a convenient list to bring you an at-a-glance look at what they are:

  • Reliable and able to find keys lost in difficult to find places
  • Long range transmitter finds lost keys further away from the searcher
  • Good battery life
  • Compact and ergonomically practical
  • Favorably priced to represent great value for money

What are the Top 5 Best Remote Key Finder Contenders?

Now that you know what the main points of importance that go into making a great product into a "best" product, let's take a look at a short list of probably contenders for that coveted number one spot in the list. There are several really good devices that are available right now, but some of them miss the list either because they are too expensive or don't have the reliability and robustness that customers need, or some other factor prevents them reaching our list.

  1. Find My Keys by "Where's the Remote"
  2. Click n Dig! Keyfinder (6 remotes)
  3. Key Finder by "Where's the Remote"
  4. Click n Dig! Keyfinder (4 remotes)
  5. Ivation Wireless RF Item Locator/Hey Finder

So which of these is the best? You know something, I have trouble deciding as they're all pretty darn good at what they do. If you want to go by customer reviews at Amazon, then the clear winner has to be the product at the top of our list:

FIND MY KEYS by "Where the Remote?"

Check the list out and whichever one speaks to you, click the box to get the full details from Amazon where you can buy the product. Of course, you don't have to buy it if you don't want to!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Where's the Remote: Key and Remote Finder Review

People who are always losing keys and other items can read this and discover a simple and effective solution to finding them again fast and easily. Here is an electronic remote key finder that is totally easy to use and will find your keys and other often misplaced items whenever you need it.

The best part is the price because this gadget comes with a very affordable price ticket that you will not be able to resist!

Amazing Key Locator

So what is this miracle gadget for finding those misplaced keys around the house, garden or garage? So what is this miracle gadget for finding those misplaced keys around the house, garden or garage?

It's a simple compact signal transmitter that comes with four receivers that are small enough to be unobtrusive yet powerful enough to have a long receiving range. You can place the receivers on all kinds of things that you're prone to losing (or misplacing), such as key rings, cell phones, TV remotes and even the cat's collar if you want!

Never lose your important stuff like keys again!

If you lose your TV remote, your car or house keys, cell phone, or even your pets... or any other item for that matter, just push the button on the hand held transmitter and as if by magic, the corresponding colored receiver will start to beep! The signal can pass through solid objects like furniture, drawers, cushions and even walls!

Where Can I Buy the Remote Key Finder?

You're going to kick yourself when I show you where the best place to order one online just happens to be! It is so simple to order, pay and get one of these gadgets delivered to your home really fast when you buy it from Amazon!

Don't want to bother searching through their huge site for the one I'm reviewing here? No problem: Here is a link that will take you direct to the item's page on their site:

What more do you need to know? There are some great customer reviews on the site that you can check through just to see for yourself that most buyers of this item were totally satisfied with their purchase. And you will be too!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How to Avoid Losing Your Keys

No one likes losing their keys, but what if you had a foolproof way of NOT losing them anymore? Would that be totally cool!

I thought so too, which is why I decided to share some of the ways I make sure I don't lose my keys around the house, or anywhere else for that matter.

Always Know Where Keys Are In the Home

It may sound pretty obvious, but if there is one foolproof way I've managed to NEVER lose my house or car keys in my home (and that's in 30 years) it is this:

I always, always, always put them in the same place when I come in through the front door. I have a small shelf near with two key hooks I put them on and I never put them down anyplace else, no matter what.

That shelf is close enough to the door so I can't forget, but far enough away so someone can't just reach in and grab them through the mail slot and it can't be seen through the small glass panel in the door. It has worked for me all this time and I can't see it failing anytime soon.

What If..?

I can hear folks thinking: what if the phone is ringing when you come in, or what if something needs your urgent attention that would make you forget to put your keys on the hooks?

Let me tell you, its all down to a little bit of personal discipline. Sure, there have been times when I got home and the phone was ringing. Is a ringing phone more important to me than anything else? No it is not.

The phone was invented so someone can invade my space and speak to me whether I want to or not. The phone does not rule me. I don't drop everything to answer it if it rings. If its real important, whoever can ring back!

I have come home to screaming kids, a screaming wife that this or that appliance is broken, or this or that emergency is happening, but I always stay calm, put my keys on the hook and then deal with the situation. It works for me.

Losing Keys Outdoors

Outdoors is a different ballgame when it comes to keeping or losing keys. Like most people, I keep my keys in my pocket, be it a jacket in cooler weather or in a front pocket in my pants (or shorts) in warmer weather.

When I stop someplace for lunch or a drink, one thing I don't do is put my keys on a table or on the bar, like I see a lot of folks do. Plenty of times I've been in a restaurant and seen someone dashing in red faced and asking the waiter if anyone found some keys they left on a table!

Thing is, when you're out of the house, you don't have the luxury of a certain static place where you can always put them. So they either stay with you in a pocket or handbag for relative safety or they get placed somewhere close to you where you can easily get up and leave, forgetting to pick them up when you go.

I don't have all the answers to keeping your keys safe when you're out and about, but I can offer this advice to minimize the risk of leaving them someplace: Keep them on your person at all times!

One last point that comes up occasionally: What if you get robbed in the street and your keys are in your bag or the thief gets your carkeys? Sorry, that's something you can't possibly totally guard against, so I have no answer for you!

Except maybe the last piece of advice in this article... read on if you want to know what that is!

What If I'm Not Like You?

If everyone was like me, this would be a pretty boring world! I reckon most people are nothing like me and few would even want to employ that little piece of discipline in their lives to make sure they always know where their keys are.

So what else can you do to make sure you don't lose, or more correctly "misplace" your keys in your home?

One of the easiest ways is to have an electronic key locator on your keyring. Then if you put them down someplace and forget where, you can simply find them again at the touch of a button!

Better still, if you're outdoors and you havethe latest gadget that links to GPS, then you can locate them even if they're nowhere close, such as leaving them in a restaurant or even if a thief takes them. In fact, it could be useful to let the police know that last snippet of information as it might help then catch the thief red handed!

How cool is that!