Magnasonic Wireless Key Finder Review

One of the top electronic key finders in the UK is the Magnasonic Wireless key finder and this review will tell you what you need to know about why you should get one.

Now be honest with yourself, you are reading this because you tend to misplace things like keys and other essential items that seem to easily lose themselves around the house and you want a simple but effective way of finding them again, right?

Well, you won't be losing things for much longer when you are the happy owner of this marvelous, compact electronic gadget!

Go ahead and take a look at what this baby can do and what you get when you buy it:

Update for 2019: This item is no longer on sale.

What You Get

  • Wirelessly helps you locate easily misplaced items such as keys, phones, wallets, TV remotes, MP3 players, purses etc
  • Includes 2 key chain style receivers, 2 thin-plate receivers, a 4-button key chain radio frequency transmitter and a complete set of extra batteries
  • 4-button color-coded transmitter allows for easy identification of each separate receiver
  • Wireless signal locates items from 60 to 80 feet away, even through couch cushions, walls and floors
  • Receiver beeps at a loud 95 decibels

This device is great for helping you to locate your missing item with ease and with the kind of accuracy that means no more panic stricken searches around the house for the keys when you need to leave ten minutes ago for a meeting you don't want to be late for!

How It Works

This clever device will help you easily locate any of your lost items in an instant. Here's how it works:

You simply attach one of the compact, color-coded receivers to your key ring or wallet, purse, TV remote control, MP3 player, digital camera or just about anything else that tends to get misplaced around the house. If it then goes missing somewhere, all you do is press the corresponding colored button on the transmitter and listen as the receiver beeps loudly back at you.

It literally leads you directly to that item. Misplaced? Not any more!

All you need to do if you want one of these is to visit the corresponding page at by clicking the orange button above and you can be enjoying a stress free life without misplacing important things around the house any more. Does that sound like a rather good idea to you?

It does to me!

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