Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Do You Need a Wireless Remote Control Key Finder?

It's quite common for people to misplace their valuable items like keys and be in need of a wireless remote control key finder to help them find them again. Just ask yourself this question: "How many times have you lost or misplaced your house or car keys and spent precious time tearing the place up searching for them without success?"

Just how frustrating and stressful does it feel when you know those keys must be somewhere close by but despite your best efforts, their location remains a secret! I'm sure you know the feeling and it is not a nice one. So what can you do?

Buy a Wireless Key Finder Set

Well you obviously want to be able to find lost keys in the house fast, right? You can get these fabulous electronic devices at most hardware stores as well as online from big stores like Amazon, WalMart and Target for example. They don't cost very much to buy yet the value they provide is virtually priceless in terms of helping you find those errant keys and other valuable items.

Things like TV remotes, reading glasses (how many times have you put them down and not been able to see where you put them!), wallets and credit card holders, cell phones etc can all be easily lost and just as easily found again when you have a locator tab attached to them.

The list can actually get pretty long when you live in a house like mine. I mean a place where all kinds of small objects get swallowed up as if by magic by hungry sofas, chairs and occasionally the dog when he's feeling mischievous!

What is the Best Remote Key Locator to Buy?

If you habitually misplace a lot of small items around the place, you would be best advised to buy a set of remote key finders with a lot of receiver tabs. That's so you can attach them to all your precious stuff and find those items again next time they go missing.

There are several good brands available that come with six or more receivers as standard that are perfect for people like me with a habit of losing stuff everyplace and misplacing my keys for instance. You can see some of my recommendations listed in the right column of this page to get some ideas.

Where is the Best Place to Buy These Key Finding Gadgets?

If you have the time and the inclination to go to the mall and hunt around the stores, then really whatever major hardware outlet you have locally will probably have what you need. For many of us and me in particular, that time is not often available, so I get most of my stuff like this online.

My personal favorite choice of store is Amazon. That's not just because they're one of the biggest and easiest to remember, but they do have some good deals on price and their free delivery scheme is perfect for when I need to buy things that I can get together.

If you're wondering how that works, you generally need to spend like $40 or more to get the free delivery option, so I just wait until I need two or more things that add up to more than that amount and order them together to get the free delivery. Neat, huh!

Go on, give it a try for yourself. You'll be pleasantly surprised at just how good that store really is for buying all kinds of things and in particular, these handy key and remote finder devices that is the focus of this blog after all!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How to Find Lost Keys in the House Fast

There is nothing worse than being about to leave the house in a hurry and finding your keys are not where you thought you left them! Panic sets in as you start to search about the place like a crazy person!

You are convinced you left those keys in a certain place and you even keep going right back to it to double check they are definitely not there. You're thinking maybe your eyes were playing tricks on you and they were there all along!

But no matter how hard you stare at that place, there are no tricks being played and those keys are not there! It's so frustrating and stressful that you feel like tearing up the place to find those keys but you don't have time because maybe you need to be someplace important and you're going to be late!

A Horrible Situation Needs and Simple and Fast Solution

Just imagine how relieved you'd be if you had a really simple and fast solution to locating those lost keys. Right there in that situation where you need to leave the house in a hurry, you need your keys in your hand and you'd give anything to be able to lay your hands on them right there in that moment, wouldn't you?

Sure you would!

The simple solution is to have a small electronic key finder or locator device. This is a gadget that you can simply push a button and have your keys call back to you with an audible "beep" that reveals their exact location right there and then!

How Do I Know This?

I also wanted to know how to avoid losing keys all the time. As a person who regularly misplaces keys and things like wallets and TV remotes around the house, I can tell you from long and frustrated experience that the key finding device saved my life!

The first day I got one of these devices and fitted it to my key-ring, I breathed a sigh of relief that could be heard across the street. Later that evening I needed to leave the house and once again my keys were not where I was sure I left them. Only this time I was ready!

I grabbed the credit card sized transmitter, pressed the button and the receiver on the key ring beeped from the sofa. I calmly walked over to the sofa and there on the arm under a magazine were my keys!

I smiled, grabbed the keys and was soon on my way to getting to my meeting on time.

I'm no expert, but I can tell you that if a clumsy, forgetful air-head like me can benefit from this kind of gadget, anyone can!

The Benefits of a Compact Key Locator Device

The obvious major benefit to me, you and anyone who has ever misplaced their keys in their home before is the ability to locate them instantly at the touch of a button. But just look at the spin-off benefits of owning one of these gadgets:

  • No more stressful, frustration at not knowing where your keys are when you need them in a hurry
  • No more panic at the prospect of being late for an important meeting because you can't find your keys
  • No more tearing up the house trying to find keys that have suddenly attained the ability to become invisible
  • No more feeling like an idiot or doubting your sanity over missing items
  • Peace of mind

What Do Owners of These Devices Say About Them?

While I don't want to go and copy a bunch of customer feedback comments from real people like me and you that used to lose keys all the time but now have the means to find them right away every time, I will add a few short phrases so you get the idea. Later in the article, I will show you where you can get this kind of device for yourself and read all the customer reviews you want if you feel you need to.

Here are just a few of the things people said:

  • "I was so happy when my misplaced keys told me where they were hiding…"
  • "I got a pleasant surprise when the device came with four receivers to fit onto different key rings…"
  • "What an amazing yet simple problem solver…"
Of course, this kind of device is not just for finding keys. It's also great for locating misplaced TV remote controls and lost wallets, purses, credit card holders and anything else valuable you use often.

Where's the Best Place to Buy a Key Finder Online?

Without beating around the bush, the best place to buy the top electronic key finders online is none other than our favorite store, Amazon! I recommend Amazon for a number of reasons:

  1. Great reputation and one of the most trusted online stores
  2. Easy to use and find exactly what you need
  3. They generally offer the best prices
  4. Free delivery on items certain conditions
  5. No quibble money back guarantee

I want to direct your attention to the top five best key finders listed in the right column above. Each item has its own dedicated link to its sales page at Amazon where you can get the latest discounted price on the item while also having access to loads of customer reviews, product details and other useful information.

Simply click on the link to the key finder that most appeals to you to visit the appropriate page at Amazon. If you want to compare the different gadgets, no problem as Amazon already lists similar products on the page so you can see them all at a glance.

Or simply click the link below that will open a page with the full list of the current most popular key finder gadgets at the Amazon store:

For visitors from the UK, here is a link to the corresponding page at

Click your mouse on that link to see all the most popular key finders on sale right now at Amazon and don't be caught out by misplaced keys again!

PS: The availability of certain items may be limited, so I would advise you to check the item now to make sure it is in stock and available at the best price

PPS: Don't wait until tomorrow. You might misplace your keys in the morning and feel like kicking yourself for not taking action right now and ordering yourself one of these awesomely effective gadgets!